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New CEO of Cinema Park Andrey Safronyuk, approved by the Board of Directors, will commence to his duties on January 15, 2014. He will replace Sergey Kitin, who decided to leave the company. 

Andrey Safronyuk comes fr om Vimpelkom group of companies, wh ere he was an operational director of Beeline in Uzbekistan. During these times the company has become the leading  communications provider and the leader in telecommunication field in the republic. Under his command Beeline's network became significantly bigger, advanced LTE technology was launched in test mode, and 3G coverage came to every region of the country. The company has won awards like “The Best Brand of Uzbekistan-2011” and “People's Brand-2012”, they were given during the Uzbekistan Brand Awards contest. International recruiting portal Superjob for two the last two consequent years has named Beeline as the best employer in telecom field in the republic. 

“We thank Sergey, who has built Cinema Park business from the ground, made technical breakthrough and  proved the company as a trendsetter in utilizing new movie screening technologies, — says Olga Paskina, chairman of the Board of Directors of Cinema Park. — The period of active expansion has ended, and Andrey's goal will be to redefine the company, focusing on customer-related experience and the development of Cinema Park brand. I'm sure that his successful experience in business development of a service company will help Cinema Park to reinforce leading standing and to become favorite movie theatre for cinema-goers.” 

“I'm leaving Cinema Park in the moment of its definitive leadership in the market. Consistent innovative business model and homegrown concept of a theatre chain helped to create that kind of successful enterprise. I would like to wish on the shareholder to maintain the biggest advantage of Cinema Park — each worker's passion to his job and the company”, — says Sergey Kitin. 

Cinema Park is the leader or the field, it consists of 30 digital cinemas (281 screens) in 18 Russian cities. The company holds the first place by the number of screens and overall box office. 281 screens of Cinema Park, or 8,4% of all screens in Russia, are reliable of 16% of overall box office in Russia (according to Nevafilm Research). Over 18 mln people visit Cinema Park's movie theaters.