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NPO Petrovax Pharm concluded a trilateral agreement regarding strategic cooperation to localize the production of the Russian flu vaccine Grippol Plus in Iran.

The Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran was present at the signing of the international agreement. . SPbNUUVS FMBA of Russia, which manufactures and supplies antigens for the vaccine, is the second party to the agreement on the Russian side.
Under the cooperation agreement, Petrovax Pharm will transfer to the Iranian party the complete production cycle technology to manufacture the Russian flu vaccine Grippol Plus, and will train its experts to handle every step of the manufacturing process. The project will be implemented over the next 2,5 years with the assistance of the Ministry of Health of Iran. The companies involved will begin working toward this goal starting in 2016.

Transfer of the technology to produce NPO Petrovax Pharm’s quadrivalent polymer subunit flu vaccine is planned for the next few years. There are two more large-scale projects in the pipeline: one that will transfer to Petrovax Pharm the technology for the complete production cycle of hepatitis C vaccine using antigens supplied by an Iranian company, and another that will transfer the technology to produce several of CinnaGen’s biosimilar compounds at Petrovax Pharm’s Russian manufacturing facilities.

Alexey Bashkirov, Deputy Director General for Investments and member of the Board of Interros Group stated that «As investors, we welcome the signing of the Agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is a crowning achievement for Petrovax Pharm business development domestically and internationally. Accessing new sales markets is one of our strategic goals. We are convinced that our mutually beneficial partnership with Iran will help improve healthcare in both countries.»