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Rambler Media Makes Two New Product Appointments
Rambler Media Limited (RMG.LN), the operator of oneof Russia`s most popular internet brands, is pleased to announce the appointmentof Maxim Azarov as the Group`s new Chief Product Officer and theappointment of Pavel Rogozhin as the Group`s Chief of Product Developmentwith immediate effect.

As Rambler`s CPO, Maxim`s primary objective will be to continue to build anactive and loyal internet audience by adapting Rambler`s range of products tothe ever evolving needs of Russian internet users. As Rambler`s CPD, Pavel willbe focused on creating a unified and advanced development platform furtherensuring Rambler`s technological leadership.

Maxim Azarov joins Rambler from Google, where he held the position of ProductManager and was responsible for the development and performance of selectedGoogle products in the Russian and CIS markets since 2007. Between 2005 and2007, Maxim was software architect at SMSC (Standard Microsystems) and wasresponsible for the planning, definition and execution of software developmentprojects for the company’s silicon chips. Prior to that, Maxim was Team Leaderat computer software producer Digital 5 in New Jersey where he managed thedesign and implementation of software for networked consumer electronicsdevices. Maxim Azarov holds an MBA in Product Management from the IsenbergSchool of Management, University of Massachusetts, USA. Maxim also holds aMaster of Sciences degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics from the MoscowInstitute of Physics and Technology and a PhD in Physics of Atmosphere andHydrosphere from the Central Aerologic Observatory of the Russian Federation.

Pavel Rogozhin joined Rambler in November 2008 as Head of its CommunicationProducts. Since then, Pavel contributed to upgrade Rambler`s mail services aswell as launch new services such as Rambler`s open social networking platformsMyRambler and Virtus. Pavel also has a solid experience of the internet havingsuccessfully managed internet events and consulted on the launch of severalstart up projects in Russia. Pavel holds a degree in Electronic instruments anddevices from the Tambov Institute of Instrumentation.

Olga Turischeva, the Group`sChief Executive Officer commented: «We are delightedto welcome Maxim to Rambler and to appoint Pavel to a new role. Both of them arepart of a new breed of Rambler managers, whose focus is to develop high qualityand innovative products at the heart of our corporate brand values, thusunifying our product strategy with our users in mind, and strengthening Rambler`s position as a leading internet portal in Russia. We also intend toencourage innovation by allowing our employees to develop new ideas and fulfilltheir goals within Rambler».