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The Vladimir Potanin Foundation has developed a new strategy following a review of its 17 years of efforts in support of culture, education, and the development of philanthropy.

Over the years, 26,000 students and 2,000 teachers have received grants and scholarships. The Foundation’s cultural programs have fostered original projects at municipal and small museums, made the museum community more vibrant, and created new opportunities for museum employees to learn from their colleagues in other countries.
In its development of philanthropy, the Foundation has promoted the creation of new cultural grant programs, provided impetus to the community of grant-giving organizations, encouraged the establishment of endowments by Russian not-for-profit organizations, and greatly improved the public’s perception of philanthropy.

Larisa Zelkova, the President of the Foundation, commented:
«In developing our new strategy, we relied on our in-house research, the opinion of professional consultants, and international best practices. We decided to call the resulting conceptual approach «The New Philanthropy Philosophy." It is based on two key concepts: first, that the drive to create is the fundamental mechanism for transforming the world, and second, that a leadership paradigm is needed that allows our grant-seekers to push the envelope in various ways within the realm of their professional activity.»

The strategy will comprise the following key elements: switching to integrated projects that aim to achieve a common goal; consolidating programs; focusing on achieving long-term social impact; partnering with grantees; focusing on community development and engagement; collective interaction; establishing a baseline and promoting best practices; and presenting the outcomes of programs and projects to the public.

Larisa Zelkova emphasized that there are opportunities for the Foundation to double its funding over the next five years.