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Interros creates a managing company Interport with the goal to consolidate and manage assets in the field of transportation logistics and to build new cargo infrastructure of airports. Nowadays the fundamental points of the Interros project are cargo terminals of Sheremetyevo (Moscow) and Yemelyanovo (Krasnoyarsk) airports. In Sheremetyevo Interport will guide a developer and operator of the cargo terminal, which consists of transfer depot and terminal 21,000 m2 in area. In Krasnoyarsk Sibir Cargo Services, operator of one of the biggest cargo terminals in Siberia and Russian Far East that accommodates on 23,000 m2 and includes storage and office buildings with a total area of 10,300 m2, will run under the leadership of Interport. The main goal for Interport in each of the airports will be to provide the same high level of service for air carriers, to implement modern technologies of cargo handling including electronic standard e-freight, which is used in the biggest freight airports of the world. Industrial partner of Interros in Interport is Kratos group of companies, which is very familiar with the particularity of airport business. 

Sergey Batekhin will be a chairman if the Board of Directors if Interport and Igor Katalevsky will act as CEO.

Sergey Batekhin says: “In the created managing company Interros will act as a professional investor with 20 year investment background and that level of experience that allows to develop project up to the level of significant and large-scale enterprise. We can see big potential for growth in this project. Nowadays air freight market in Russia is in development stage and we have to understand how to build business: to widen geographical presence or to provide additional services in existing transportation logistics centres.”

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Interros is one of the biggest privately owned investment companies in Russia. Main projects of the company are focused in the fields of metallurgy and mining (GMK Norilsky Niсkel), finance industry (Rosbank), media (ProfMedia holding company), real estate and tourism (ProfEstate and Rosa Khutor companies). By the beginning of 2011 overall value of the assists under control of Interros was about $20 bln. 

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