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Telemetric equipment for drilling and building oil and gas wells for Severo-Paiyakhskoe field was delivered by scheduled charter freight flight by KAPO-AVIA air carrier within the scope of the program for delivering cargo to Norilsk. 

Regional program for cargo transportation to Northern territories has started in March, 2014 and is executed via Il-62M with cargo capacity of 40 tons, which helps, in comparison to passenger planes, transfer nonstandard and bulky cargo to Norilsk. Telemetric equipment for Severo-Paiyakhskoe field counts as bulky cargo and is made as two cylinders with special equipment inside, each 9,5 meters long and with combined weight of more than 2 tons. 

To ship that kind of cargo Interport's operator developed unique loading pattern and made a case that helped to maintain production operations regarding to all transportation requirements. Upon arrival in Norilsk Interport's partner, transport company VST, rapidly organized delivery of the cargo to the consignee, and after that the cargo was transported through tundra on custom vehicle to the point of destination. 

Program for cargo air transportation gives an opportunity for enterprises in Norilsk and Norilsk Industrial Region to use fast and quality shipments of cargo that is necessary for efficient operating activities and high living standards in the region. 

Background information about the oil field: 
It is planned to start experimental-industrial production on the oil field near Enisei river creek in 2016. Oil productive capacity of the field under the categories C1+C2 come up to 59 mln tons.