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May 26, an official cancellation ceremony of a postage stamp dedicated to Rosa Khutor resort took place.

The event was held at the Rosa Pik viewing point at 2,320 m above the sea level. Oleg Dukhovnitskiy, Head of the Federal Communications Agency, and Sergey Bachin, CEO of Rosa Khutor, took part in the event.

The postage stamp features the central square complex of Rosa Khutor and the Town Hall building - one of the resort’s landmarks - against the background depicting the mountains.

«The stamp illustrates beautiful mountains of Krasnodar Krai and the resort’s infrastructure. The stamp will promote Russian resorts inside and outside Russia, and help to attract visitors to Sochi», said Mr. Dukhovnitskiy.

«We have created a stunning mountain complex just within a 10-year period, we have hosted the Olympic games, began to welcome tourists, and have become one of the best resorts in Europe . We realized that we deserve to have a stamp with the image of Rosa Khutor resort on it. Today our task is to prove that one can spend holidays in Sochi mountains not only in winter but also in summer. Then we would be able to qualify for a stamp with the image of the Rosa Khutor resort in summer», added Rosa Khutor CEO Sergei Bachin.

Design: A. Moscovets.

 Face value: 31 RUB.

 Size of stamp: 65×32.50 mm, size of sheet: 160×140 mm.

 Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins of 6 (2×3) stamps. Circulation: 402,000 stamps (67,000 sheets)