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Vladimir Potanin to Back The Development Of Endowment Funds In Russia

2 July 2012 the Vladimir Potanin Charity Foundation launched two-year pilot programme «Endowment: A Strategy for Growth». The programme is aimed to develop endowment funds in Russia as a social and charity institution.

Representatives of the non-profit organizations which are establishing or willing to raise their endowments are allowed to take part in the program. 25 winners of the contest will undergo the training at NES within special two-year educational course «Effective Fundraising for Endowments»

The programme will be implemented in partnership with the New Economic School and The Donors Forum.

Both NGOs in the process of raising endowment funds and those looking for new funding can take part in the programme.

Following an applications competition, 25 shortlisted NGOs employees will have an opportunity to take up a special two-year course at the New Economic School Effective fundraising for endowment funds. As part of the training course the participants will carry out projects in efficient public fund-raising methods.

Having observed the implementation of the projects Vladimir Potanin will make personal contributions to the endowment funds of the organisation of the most successful programme participants. The contributions will total 24 million roubles.

The Vladimir Potanin Charity Foundation in partnership with The Donors Forum also plans to hold an information campaign to promote endowment capital, to publish a digest of best practices and hold an all-Russia conference Development of NGO endowment capital in Russia: how to secure public support.

This new programme is intended to develop the fundraising technologies in Russia as well as stimulate the public activity in the development of endowment as an effective social technology, says Vladimir Potanin.

Endowment makes non-for-profit organisations in the sphere of education, culture, healthcare competitive on the national and international markets, says Sergey Guriev, rector of New Economic School.

This programme will foster the professional development of the existing endowments as well attract more donors to this environment, says Olga Barkovets, Chairperson of The Donors Forum.