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Interros Kick-Starts the Implementation of the Investment Project to Develop the Yemelyanovo Cargo Airport Complex (Krasnoyarsk)

Interros, the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya (RosAviation)), the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the Krasnoyarsk region administration and AirBridgeCargo Airlines, LLC will join forces to develop a modern international transportation and logistics hub on the basis of the existing cargo terminal at Yemelyanovo airport.

In the framework of the project Interros intends to supply the cargo terminal with the necessary apron equipment, introduce modern standards of cargo handling and processing, as well ensuring the terminals capacity expands in line with the growth of cargo traffic.

The development of the terminal at Yemelyanovo airport will allow for a bigger transfer of cargo traffic, increase the competitive capability of the airport and boost the profile of the Krasnoyarsk region as an exporter of transportation services. Covering an area of 23,000 sq m the transportation and logistics complex will be able to process all categories of airborne imports and exports around the clock. The target capacity of the complex is set at 100,000 tonnes of cargo annually.

Yemelyanovo is Interross second air-freighting investment project. In December 2010 Interros launched the construction of a modern cargo complex at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow. Both projects, supported by RosAviation and the Federal Customs Service of Russia, are aiming to create conditions for an increase of air-freighting in Russia and to implement the leading technologies of cargo handling and processing. In particular, the cargo terminals to be built at the airports Sheremetyevo and Yemelyanovo are to be used to test the system of international digital invoices, developed by the Federal Customs Service of Russia, which should make cargo handling and transfer considerably easier.

Interros investment in the Yemelyanovo and Sheremetyevo projects totals over $100 million.

Both projects will be implemented in partnership with the Kratos groups of companies.

Vladimir Potanin, Interros President says: As an investor we see good growth potential in this project. Due to its favorable geographic position Yemelyanovo airport could develop into the largest international hub for transcontinental flights between Asia and Europe, Asia and Northern America. The need and demand for such logistics centres in Russia formed long ago, but the lack of necessary infrastructure has kept Russia aside from this enormous cargo traffic. Thats why the launch of the Sheremetyevo and Yemelyanovo projects give a promising ground for the further development of a network of transportation-logistics hubs in all the Russian regions."

Deputy Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Ivanov says:

The construction of the transportation-logistics infrastructure is a priority for the government. It is indispensable for the efficient and continuous development of the Russian regions. The development of the international cargo hub in Yemelyanovo is another stage in Russias progressive modernization. The government is set to support the further implementation of innovation and top technologies in similar projects. The prompt solution to the question of granting traffic rights for international air-freight operations is another important condition for the development of the cargo terminals. The government is aware of this problem and is investigating ways of creating the most favourable conditions for foreign airline operations. This should stimulate competitiveness and enhance the investment attractiveness of the Russian economy, especially in view of the up-coming events, such as the Universiade in Kazan, the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, World Cups in football and hockey, the APEC summit in Vladivostok etc."

Lev Kuznetsov, Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region, says:

The implementation of the key investment PPP projects helps to preserve and increase competitive advantages of the Krasnoyarsk region. We are happy to see Interros, a professional investment and an asset management company, run the development of the largest transportation-logistics hub at Yemelyanovo airport. This is a very important project at both regional and national levels. We plan to create a special port economic zone in the Yemelyanovo district on the basis of the modernised cargo terminal."