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Rosbank Assets Grew 23.29% to RUR 316.09.bln. Since the Beginning of the Year
The banks assets value amounted toRUR 316,091.62mln. asof September 1, 2006, demonstrating a23.29% increase compared toJanuary 1, 2006(RUR 256,376.03mln.).

ROSBANK capital used for calculating the obligatory economic standards made upRUR 23,098.29mln. asof September 1, 2006, compared toRUR 20,394.69mln. asof January 1, 2006. ROSBANKs clients had atotal ofRUR 175,096.39mln. intheir accounts asof September 1, 2006upfrom RUR 165,568.95mln. asof January 1, 2006.