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Interros Sets Up A Management Company Interport To Develop The Network Of Transportation and Logistics Complexes In Russias Largest Airports

Holding company Interros establishes a LLC Managing Company Interport to consolidate and manage its transportation and logistics assets as well as to develop a new freight airport infrastructure.

Currently Interros runs two strongholds freight terminals at the Sheremetyevo (Moscow) and Yemelyanovo (Krasnoyarsk) airports. At the Sheremetyevo airport Interport will run a joint cargo handling operation and is the developer of the cargo complex comprising a transfer warehouse and a terminal of over 21,000 sq m In Krasnoyarsk Interport will take control over Sibir Cargo Service operating one of the largest cargo terminals in Siberia and the Far East. The terminal area reaches 23,000 sq m including 10,300 sq m of warehouse and office premises.

At all the airports it runs, Interport aims to provide an equally high level of service to all air carriers, and seeks to implement modern cargo processing technologies including the e-freight standards, employed in many of the worlds largest cargo airports. Interros runs Interport in partnership with the Kratos group of companies, an expert in the airport management business.

Sergei Batekhin will take the post of Chairman of Interport Board of Directors, Igor Katalevsky is to be appointed General Director.

As Sergei Batekhin says:

Interros, which has set up this management company, is a professional investor with 20-years of experience in investment generation, which will allow Interros to grow projects to the level of a big business structure. We see a lot of growth potential in this project. At the moment, the air-freight market is taking shape and the routes for business development are yet to be seen. We might expand the companys presence geographically or offer additional services at the existing transportation and logistics hubs.