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Six-Month Turnover of Rosbank in Precious Metals Increased to 8.8 bln rub

As of beginning of the year Rosbank purchased 12.8 tons of gold, 1.6 tons of platinum and 0.35 tons of palladium.

Precious metals outside funds volume grew more twofold and today stands at 6.4 bln rub (as of January 2007— 3.1 bln).

The bank continues to develop its cooperation with the leading Russian precious metals producers, such as the gold mining company Polyus, AS Amur, Krastsvetmet, Yekaterinburg precious metals processing factory, Norilsk Nickel Company, Sovrudnik. Rosbank exercises a wide range of operations in the precious metals market, provides for impersonal metal accounts, margin Trading, hedging, export operations and net transactions.