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The Overall Cost of Securities at the Rosbank Depository Reached $25.3 bln

The total cost of securities at the Rosbank depository increased in the first semester by 33% and as of July1, 2007 amounts to $25.3 mln. The number of clients of the depository grew to 2,248 of entities and individuals.

One ofthemain activities ofthedepository istoprovide services for themanaging companies ofmutual funds and provision ofbanking and brokerage services. Special attention is being paid to expanding the products’ line and development of technologies, which allow to apply a complex approach to the clients’ services and to provide the required specialization, including those needed for operating with real estate funds and participants of mortgage market.

Consolidated cost of net assets of the mutual funds under management grew by 37%, reaching 22 bln. As of July1, 2007 Rosbank concluded agreements for provision of specialized depository services for 61 mutual funds, including 33 open ones, 5 interval ones and 23 closed funds.

The vast foreign correspondents network of the depository, which includes the major international depository systems like Clearstream Banking S.A. (Luxemburg), EUROCLEAR (Belgium), DTC (USA), as well as central and national depositories of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan makes it possible to provide services for storage and re-registration of securities of foreign issuers at practically any securities markets otherworld.