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Rosbank Boosts Gold Transactions by15% in2004

Rosbank bought and sold 39.5tonnes ofgold in2004- 15% more than in2003(34.2tonnes). This represents 24% ofRussiastotal gold mine production in2004.

Transactions with platinum ingots grew 75% to2.27tonnes (1.3tonnes in2003). The volume ofpurchased silver in2004amounted to33.6tonnes (73.3tonnes in2003).

Rosbank bought 84% ofits precious metals onthe primary market. Ittrades most ofits gold and silver abroad, however itsold 2.4tonnes ofgold (6% ofsales) and 4.8tonnes ofsilver (14%) inRussia. Rosbank sold all ofits platinum inRussia.

In 2004Rosbank has accumulated onindividual and corporate unallocated accounts more than 2.2bln. rubles.