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Rosbank Credit Portfolio Reached $3.1 bln as of July 1, 2007

The break-down of financial resources is as follows: $1 bln are allocated to regional branches (33.3%) and $ 2.1 bln (66.7%) to the Bank’s head office.

The major share of the Rosbank’s deposited credit resources were channeled into construction enterprises (15.1), trade (13.8%) electric power production (13.4%) and military industrial complex (11.6%). A significant share is allocated to the credits provided to the leasing companies (6.5%) and to the regulatory bodies of the Russian Federation subjects and municipal entities (4.2% of the Bank’s total corporate credit portfolio).

Bank continues to adhere to the individual approach to every borrower, offering different forms and types of credit services. One of the main principles of operation remains an integrated service. In the near-term perspective Rosbank’s priorities incorporate crediting will provide for further sustain of high level of services for clients and safeguarding the reliability of credit investments.