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Andrey Safronyuk, Cinema Park CEO: “Widespread, consistent with the spirit and the demand of time national theatre chain Cinema Park, which played exceptional role in the formation of current film distribution market and has became the №1 theatre chain in Russia, started to operate 10 years ago with the opening of its first movie theatre Cinema Park at Kaluzhskaya metro station.“ 

“Properly shaped homegrown concept of a movie theatre, based on modern innovative technology, has helped Cinema Park to gain popular appeal among cinema-goers and to become the acknowledged leader of film distribution market in terms of economic efficiency and quality of service.“

Main achievements of the company: 

2004 — The first movie theatre Cinema Park Na Kaluzhskoy (Moscow) was opened

2005 — The first movie theatre of the chain was opened in St. Petersburg (Cinema Park in Grand Canyon mall)

2006 — The first regional movie theatre was opened in Tyumen (|Cinema Park in Goodwin mall). Certicification of the first movie theatre in Russia under the international quality standard ISO 9001 (Moscow, Cinema Park na Kaluzhskoy)

2007 — Installation of the first digital motion-picture projector for commercial screening in Russia (Moscow, Cinema Park na Kaluzhskoy)

2008 — Cinema Park for the first time in Russia reveals data on attendance in cinemas and ticket sales and starts to publish weekly company reports, setting the course to accountability in Russian film distribution market. 

2009 — Cinema Park for the first time in Russia on its own website widely implements online ticket booking and innovative system of movie listings, which allows to find information about sold and booked tickets real-time. 

2010 — Cinema Park signs the biggest contract in Russia with IMAX, one of the leading international entertainment companies focused on cinema technologies and ranked among the most important and successful platforms for Hollywood movie distribution. 

2011 — Cinema Park opened the 20th movie theatre of the chain (Novosibirsk, Cinema Park in the multi-functional complex Sun City) and became the biggest chain in Russia by the number of movie halls. Acquisition of theatre chain KINOSTAR de Luxe became the first major mergers and acquisitions deal in Russian cinema market. 

2012 — Cinema Park signed an exclusive deal within the territory of Russia with CJ 4DPLEX Co., Ltd., specialized in development and implementation of 4DX  full-length movie screening technology, which involves almost every sensory organ with special effects (seat motion, synchronized with the context of the movie, wind, fog, lightnings, water splashes, scents etc.). 

2013 — Cinema Park signed the biggest deal in Russia with RealD Inc. (NYSE: RLD), the leading maker of 3D technology equipment for cinemas. 

Main achievements of Cinema Park theatre chain: 

  • Leader by the number of screens (according to figures by Nevafilm Research)
  • Leader by the number of 3D-equipped movie halls (according to Nevafilm Research)
  • Leader by the number of IMAX super screens (according to Nevafilm Research)
  • Leader by the number of 4DX super screens (according to Nevafilm Research)
  • Leader by the number of multiplexes (according to  Nevafilm Research)
  • Leader by the number of ISO 9001 certified cinemas (according to ZAO SGS Group Vostok Limited, SGS Group)
  • Leader in terms of economical development (according to MFR Eurasia and Russian national business rating)
  • Leader in terms of products and services quality (according to  Multiregion Entrepreneur organization)

For more information please visit Cinema Park website.