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Rosbank announces the appointments of Philippe Citerne as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Jean-Louis Mattei as Deputy Chairman of the Board
The Board of Directors of Rosbank named Philippe Citerne as Chairman of the Board, and Jean-Louis Mattei as Deputy Chairman.

Philippe Citerne
Born in 1949, Philippe Citerne holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and a postgraduate degree in Mathematics; is a graduate from the Ecole Centrale de Paris.

In 1972 — 1974 worked as a Project Manager at the Business Department of INSEE (France’s national statistical bureau). In 1974 — 1979 he served as Project Manager, then Bureau Chief of Energy, Transport and Equipment in the Forecast department of the French Ministry of Finance. In 1979 he joined Societe Generale, worked at the Economic Research Service. From 1984 to 1986 — Director of Economic Research Service. In 1986 was appointed Director of Financial Management. In 1990 became Director of Human Resources. From 1995 to 1997 served as Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of the Resources and Services Division. From 1997 to September 2006 — Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale. Since September 2006 he has been Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer. Since 2006 hes a member of Rosbank Board of Directors, in July 2008 was appointed Chairman of the Board.

Jean-Louis Mattei
Born in 1947, Jean-Louis MATTEI holds both a BA and Masters degrees in private law; is a graduate with a Major in Public Service from the Institut dEtudes Politiques de Paris; and is also a graduate of the Centre dEtudes Superieures de Banque (CESB).

He joined Societe Generale in 1973. From 1984 to 1988, he was Head of the Groups Organisation Department, then from 1988 to 1992, he served as Chief Executive Officer of SGBCI, SGs Ivory Coast subsidiary. In November 1992, he was appointed Deputy Manager of the Africa and Overseas division before being named its Head in October 1993. In 1995 Jean-Louis MATTEI became Head of the banks Africa, Middle East and Overseas division. He joined the Group Management Committee in 1997. He has been Head of International Retail Banking for Societe Generale since 1998. Since December 2006 hes a member of Rosbank Board of Directors, in July 2008 was appointed Rosbank Deputy Chairman of the Board.