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On April 15, 2014 Russia Donors forum presented the third annual report on the state of foundations in Russia. This report reflects on the changes that have taken place in the country and in the foundation sector in particular during 2013. The main focus of the 2013 report is philanthropy development in Russian regions. 

As stated in the report, the year of 2013 was full of important events in the philanthropic sector.  Early in the year the question of NGOs and foundations being foreign agents has become the major part of the agenda, while second half of the year was focused on partnership between NGOs and foundations in helping flood victims in the Far East. 

Public fundraising continues to develop: fundraising campaigns have received support from public TV. Russian philanthropy has increased its international visibility and recognition. Two Russian philanthropists - Vladimir Potanin and Yuri Millner - joined the Giving Pledge in February and December 2013 respectively. Dmitry Zimin of Dynasty foundation received the 2013 Andrew Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy. 

Special section of the report covers the outcomes of the year in four different areas - Event of the Year, Project of the Year, Publication of the Year and Person of the Year. As Russia Donors Forum Executive Secretary Natalya Kaminarskaya noted, "it was not an easy task to name Person of the Year this time. However, the donors community undoubtedly decided in favor of Mr. Vladimir Potanin for his contribution to the field in the preceding year".  

According to Natalya Kaminarskaya several factors helped to come to this decision. In February 2013 Mr. Potanin has become the first Russian businessman who joined the Giving Pledge. Later in the year he was featured in the first Coutts Russia Million Dollar Report providing his view on philanthropy as well as data on personal spending on philanthropic causes. Norilsk Nickel Company headed by Mr. Potanin has started new philanthropic projects. The donor community was particularly impressed with Mr. Potanin's commitment to support endowments of the participants of the Foundation's Endowments:Strategy Growth  program by donating 24 million rubles.