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The first leg of reconstruction of Yemelyanovo airport cargo terminal is finished. Modernisation of 300 square meters if the terminal with overall cost more than 14 million roubles is being made to improve operations with transfer cargo during hub activity. 

Reconstruction of the cargo terminal will give the ability to handle up to 45 pallets at the same time (a pallet is an aluminum plate with cargo weighting up to 2,6 tons; it is used to transfer goods fr om one plane to another without reassembly) in compliance with all necessary conditions of paperwork support. As a result cargo turnover of the terminal will reach 60-80 thousand tons annually. In case of increase of traffic flow, for example because of implementation of the “Open sky for cargo” project,  additional modernization will allow to handle up to 200 transfer pallets at the same time. 

After the end of all works cargo with special requirements for conditions of temperature will be held in space with fixed temperature, other goods on pallets will be covered only from downfall. For example, hi-tech goods like iPhones, iPads, notebooks are transferred as cargo without special temperature requirements. In the meantime Interport in the setting of Syberia keeps them in covered accommodation wh ere temperature is higher that -20 Celsius. 

In the beginning of reconstruction a line of omnidirectional transfer sections for 14 pallets and a roller delivery board on the side of apron were installed. 

During the next leg in 2014 a second line will be installed - a covered system for cargo storage. The third led of reconstruction will be carried out with increase of transfer cargo volume.