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One Hundred Officers ofthe State Hermitage Got Special Grants ofthe Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund

The Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund and the State Hermitage ofSaint-Petersburg launched anew long-tern program, which aims atfurther development ofthe personnel ofthe biggest Russian museum. Each grant amounts toRUR 36,000.

One hundred grants were awarded tomuseum officers who work invarious departments, both the operational- storage, restoration, curator activities, etc- and the supportive ones, like legal, IT, security, PR, etc.

According toMs Larissa Zelkova, Director General ofthe Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund, such adiversity ofgrantees seems tobe exceptional only atfirst glance. Any museum, especially such amajor like the State Hermitage, isa very sophisticated mechanism, which needs new innovative approaches tocope with the challenges oftoday.

Grant winners are selected onthe base ofcontest. All the nominees were proposed bythe respective departments ofthe State Hermitage. The key criterion was each ofthe officers personal input into the projects run bythe museum throughout the last year. Nominees were first considered bythe museums Grant Commission and finally bythe State Hermitage Senatus Academicus.