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Interros Shareholders Agreed onRestructuring the Group

V.Potanin and M.Prokhorov intend inthe course of2007torestructure business ofthe Interros group. Interros asamanaging company will remain V.Potanin’s property, while M.Prokhorov will quit asits shareholder and will establish aseparate managing company for his assets. Asaresult ofrestructuring Norilsk Nickel share will bepurchased byV.Potanin and will remain under management ofInterros. Interros will begin consolidation ofpower and hydrogen assets into aseparate company, apart ofInterros shareholders’ stake will come under M.Prokhorov’s control.

M.Prokhorov will quit his membership inNorilsk Nickel Board ofDirectors, while V.Potanin will benominated tothe Board ofDirectors ofthe company. Oncompletion ofanumber ofprojects ofNorilsk Nickel M.Prokhorov will quit his position asits director general.

The shares ofPolyus, Rosbank, Prof-Media, Open Investments, Power Machines and other assets ofInterros will bedivided between V.Potanin and M.Prokhorov onequal basis and these stakes will betransferred into management ofthe corresponding managing companies.

V.Potanin: Interros has avast experience ofsuccessful restructurings. For anumber ofmonths wehave been discussing the necessity ofthis move. Itisevident that inorder tofully realize our existing investment potential weneed anew level offreedom inmaking managerial decisions. Iamconfident that this new model ofasset management will enhance the capitalization ofall businesses andincrease the possibilityof new partnership projects.

M.Prokhorov: Lately Interros entered the new and extremely perspective fields oftraditional and alternative power production. Investments ofsuch kind require significant intellectual and financial input. Iamresolved toget seriously involved into this promising domain. Ifeel that hydrogen technology will help toestablish innovative economy inRussia.

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