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Yelena Smirnova Appointed Director ofRetail Business Department ofRosbank

She will bein charge offormulating and implementation ofthe retail development strategy including the streamlining ofthe products line and sales organization inthe banking system. She will also coordinate activities ofRosbank branches and external contractors intracking credit transactions and debts collection.

Yelena Smirnova was born onJanuary 6, 1971inNizhni Novgorod.

In 1993graduated Cum Laude the Faculty ofApplied Mathematics and Computer Cybernetics ofthe Nizhni Novgorod Lobachevsky State Universityand then graduated Cum Laude from the All-Russia Correspondence Institute ofFinance and Economy asan expert inFinance and Lending.

Started her banking career inApril 1994asan operations accountant ofthe Nizhni Novgorod Branch ofIncombank.

In 2000she joined Rosbank asthe key specialist ofthe Section for market research and organization ofsales ofretail products ofthe Department ofretail services. In2000-2005 served askey specialist, deputy head ofsection,head ofsection inthe Department for client relations and Branch director ofthe Corporate block ofRosbank.

In March 2005she joined the Banks Central Territorial Administration asDeputy Director.

Married, has one daughter.