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Atomyze Received Digital Financial Asset Management License from Central Bank of Russia

Russian tokenization platform Atomyze, in which Vladimir Potanin's Interros is one of the investors, has been granted the status of an information system operator for managing digital financial assets (DFA) from the Central Bank. In accordance with the recently adopted law on DFA in Russia, Atomyze now has the right to issue and circulate DFA in exchange for Russian rubles, as well as to store DFA, maintain electronic accounts and channels for servicing DFA holders.

The blockchain-based Atomyze platform deals with tokenization of physical assets. Through digital financial assets, it provides the opportunity to invest in commodities, such as precious metals, and to manage large volumes of metals efficiently, based on market dynamics.

Vladimir Potanin, Interros President: «The development of digital projects is a priority for Interros, since the digital economy opens up new opportunities for market integration, and allows more people to be involved in economic processes. Today, thanks to the adoption of the law on DFA and the competent policy of the Central Bank, we have the prerequisites to ensure our digital venture succeeds. Modern business is inseparable from digitalization, which allows it to thrive, and also more to be more transparent, which means more responsible and socially acceptable».

Ekaterina Frolovicheva, Director of Atomyze in Russia«I am certain that our platform will serve as a powerful catalyst for the development of not only companies participating in the ecosystem, but ultimately contribute to the formation of a digital product vertical in the capital markets of the entire country».

The underlying assets for Atomyze products conceived for the Russian market could be commodities supply contracts, as well as cash claims and securities rights. 

The implementation will be carried out in partnership with Rosbank (Societe Generale group), which has become the first banking partner with Atomyze Russia. In particular, Rosbank will act as a provider of two important services: delegated customer identification (KYC) and bank account settlement services for conducting transactions with DFA. 

Atomyze became the first tokenization platform in Russia to receive a regulatory approval. This became possible after the new legislation on DFA was developed and enacted, with support from Interros.

About Atomyze  

Atomyze, a global ecosystem of tokenization and trading platforms was created in 2019 backed by a group of international investors, including the Global Palladium Fund and Interros of Vladimir Potanin. The Atomyze ecosystem envisages independently managed tokenization platforms in various locations. The legal support for Atomyze Russia is provided by Findustrial Consulting Group.