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This major UN initiative in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development unites entities committed to responsible business and good industry practice worldwide.

«Joining the United Nations Global Compact is a milestone for Nornickel on its way to implement an ambitious retrofit programme designed to increase the Company’s efficiency and minimise its environmental impact. This year, the Company has taken the first practical environmental measures associated with an upgrade of its processing capacities and the Nickel Plant shutdown. We are proud to be part of the Global Compact, but it also involves great responsibility. We take it as an opportunity not only to adopt global best practices, but also to share our experience with others. Our participation in the Global Compact confirms that principles of sustainability are an integral component of the Company’s long-term strategy», commented Vladimir Potanin, President of Nornickel.

The mission of the Global Compact is to promote recognition and practical application by businesses worldwide of ten basic principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Following these principles globally will provide for sustainable development going forward.
Currently, the Global Compact brings together over 13,000 corporate participants and other stakeholders from more than 160 countries, with global industry leaders among them. By joining the initiative, the Global Compact participants gain access to the UN’s knowledge and experience in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, as well as to its expertise of the private sector.