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Vladimir Potanin told Mr. President that Bystrinsky GOK (Bystrinsky mining and processing plant) will reach its full capacity in 2019. He underlined that the new plant will extract and process over 10 million tons of ore a year.

«This is the largest project in the industry since Soviet times. It is important not only for our company as an element of its long-term sustainable development, but, I am sure, it will have a very positive impact on the socioeconomic situation in the region», said Norilsk Nickel’s president.

Vladimir Putin congratulated Vladimir Potanin and all employees of the company with the launch of this project.
Last year Nornickel has also started a long-term development program that will run until year 2023.

«As a result we will increase the ore production by half and almost double ore processing. Nornickel capacities will become the most updated and biggest in the world. Be believe, that it will be the most performant mining enterprise», said Vladimir Potanin.

Modernization will allow to solve accumulated environmental problems: by 2023 Nornickel intends to reduce by 75% emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

The president of Norilsk Nickel expressed the hope that all plans will be successfully implemented «with a certain state support needed in such large and ambitious projects».

«At the same time we are not sitting idly by, we are already engaged in environmental issues. In particular, last year we have shut down the Nickel plant in Norilsk, which enabled a 35% reduction of sulfur emissions into the atmosphere in the city. This is the first step, but as I have said, by 2023, we intend to fully solve this problem», Mr Potanin said.

«All this is happening amid sustainable social stability. Norilsk Nickel will create 3 thousand additional jobs to make sure that the processes of modernization will not lead to any complications of a social nature. This will require investments of about 1 trillion rubles, of which 250 billion rubles will be spent on environment preservation» — Mr. Potanin said.
Finally, Vladimir Potanin mentioned that «broadband internet has at last arrived in Norilsk — almost 1,000 km of cables in the permafrost and tundra».

He also said that the programme for improving living conditions in Norilsk, initiated six years ago and which envisaged relocation and other issues, has brought results. Since then, some 6,500 families have relocated to the continent, which is the result of joint efforts — funds from the federal and regional budgets plus the company’s funds.

Vladimir Potanin also asked Mr. President to award state decorations to the best employees who worked on two projects — the construction of the Bystrinsky GOK project and the broadband infrastructure.

Vladimir Putin agreed to the proposal.