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«Taimyr. The Genius of the Place» Exhibition opened thanks to the support of the Interros Group.

The «Taimyr. The Genius of the Place» Exhibition, organized by Norilsk Development Agency with support from Nornickel and the Interros Group, opened at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art on February 27.

The exhibit showcases the cultures of Taimyr’s indigenous peoples — the Nganasan, Entsi, Dolgan, and Evenks — in a dialogue with Russian avant-garde and modernism art movements, namely with artworks by Kazimir Malevich, Nikolai Suetin, and Vasily Vatagin, among others. The main exhibits include items from the ethnographic collections from the reserves of the Taimyr Local History Museum in the town of Dudinka, artwork by students from the Norilsk Arts College, and rediscovered materials gathered by a long-forgotten expedition and kept in the archive of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art.

On the eve of the exhibition opening, the organizers held a round table on «Tourism Development on the Taimyr». Government officials, business leaders, and representatives from grass-roots and state-run organizations took part in the discussion on how to establish an Arctic tourism cluster on the peninsula, develop public-private partnerships in tourism, and attract investments to develop tourism infrastructure with the participation from the local government.

The discussion among professionals made it clear that all parties concur that there is no place for mass tourism on the Taimyr Peninsula, as the protection of fragile natural environment should remain a priority in the Arctic. At the same time, there is no controversy about the need for and the importance of opening the territory to tourists.

«Indeed, Taimyr is an inspiring place. It is a land enveloped by legends and folk tales, breathtaking in its rugged beauty. Five Arctic ethnic groups live on Taimyr. For us, who work in the local museums, the main task is to safeguard and showcase unique culture and history of these nations», — said Olga Korneeva, the Director of the Taimyr Local History Museum. «This exhibit has already been displayed at the Taimyr Local History Museum in Dudinka. For the show in Moscow, we expanded the exhibition to include artwork from the collections of the museums in the capital.»
«We would very much welcome the development of various forms of art and creativity in the region where our employees live and work, where we mine the incredible riches. This exhibition is a brilliant quasi-3-D image of a unique vision of Taimyr, of what we have, and of what we are yet to understand, discover and learn to appreciate», — stated Larisa Zelkova, Senior Vice-President, the head of the Employment, Social Policy and Public Relations Unit at the MMC Norilsk Nickel.
Svetlana Rubashkina, the Director of the Norilsk Development Agency shared their list of projects: «Norilsk Development Agency continues its work to promote tourism in the region, to develop the hospitality industry and to create new occasions for tourists to visit. In April we plan to hold a festival of ice fishing in Dudinka, and in the beginning of June we will celebrate ice drift. At the end of June we will organize the second foodie festival „North“ in Norilsk. In November we will be holding the Forum of Winter Cities with the participation of representatives from the World Winter Cities Association for Mayors and an ethnic festival „Bolshoy Argish“. Finally, in December we will organize a festival of light».