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Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Vladimir Potanin
Norilsk Nickel plans to invest more than $12bn in production development over the next five years in order to boost production volumes, Mr. Potanin told President Vladimir Putin in a meeting on December 10th.

The new investment program will allow a transition from the strategy of maintaining flat production volumes to one of growth.
«With this new investment programme we will promote a transition from maintaining output to a growth strategy. This programme runs through 2023–2024, by which time the output of commodity-grade metals will have increased by between 20–25 percent with a 1.5-fold increase in ore output. Our entire investment programme has been designed to deliver on this objective», said Mr. Potanin.
The President of Nornickel also pointed out that the company is paying much attention to the environmental problems inherited from the past.
«We will have resolved these problems by 2023 by reducing the amount of sulphur dioxide emissions by 75 percent. We will produce sulphuric acid by neutralising the sulphur emissions based on Russian technology and store the output in a safe place. We will invest some 150 billion rubles in this programme, which is a great deal for us», said the head of Norilsk Nickel during his meeting with the President of Russia.

Mr.Potanin accentuated that the company is working on this project together with the authorities, including the federal government and regional bodies, which understand and support Norilsk Nickel.

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