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This year the biggest program of the charity foundation that supports innovations in Russian museums celebrates 10-year anniversary. Grants, which are given on competitive ground, are supposed for museum projects that drive new information technologies to expositions, promote museum programs via internet, provide equal opportunities for different audiences, make contacts with other museums, local businesses, authorities and organizations from different fields. Contestants have the opportunity to study, get career growth, share the experience with colleagues from different regions. 

From the time when the competition started to take entry claims for the first time in 2003 judging panel had considered more than 4 thousand application forms, 190 project were offered with grants and were brought to life. During this period the competition became an essential part of Russian cultural landscape and one of the most anticipated events in museum field. The foundation assisted the development of community of professionals who can successfully implement new approaches in museums. It is subject to displaying collection as well as to educational and tourist parts of museum business. 

Larisa Zelkova, General Director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation: “The biggest achievement of the foundation is not financial support for tens of Russian museums — although it is very important too. The biggest achievement is the one that you can't buy with money: unique opportunity to interact with successful and creative colleagues, gain knowledge from that interaction. In professional community it's more valuable than just a grant for a particular exhibition. What's the most important for museums? It's to learn how to attract audience not only with history and the past, but to find what makes art important, contemporary and of immediate interest right now. We are sure that a museum in Russia can be something more that a storage of antiquities, it should and can be a center of development for the whole region, including economical center. Vladimir Potanin Foundation will continue, as far as possible, to support these processes.”

In attempt to nail down positive changes in museum scope, the foundation plans to develop coplex approach. For example, the program First appearance shows that collections can be presented not only in traditional way, but like a book with scientific content combined with colorful presentation. Annual festival Museum guide gathers museum workers from all over the country and attracts wide audience, helping to chose tourist and educational routes in our country. 

Changing with museum scope, the foundation starting from this year combines efforts of all its programs and projects and focuses them on shaping museums into regional centers of development. The foundation in order to determine their future development will hold a series of public discussion on the most important subjects including heritage actualization and technologies of representing museum collections for the wide audience. Participants of the next competition A Changing Museum in a Changing World will be also invited to take part in these discussions. 

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