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pioneered its Digital Financial Assets marketplace for retail investors

Atomyze is a Russian digital financial assets (DFA) operator. In February 2022, Atomyze was the first in the country to receive permission from the Bank of Russia to issue and circulate digital financial assets. One of the company's investors is Interros.

The Atomyze platform was created in 2020 and it was based on the Hyperledger blockchain protocol. The capabilities of Atomyze platform allow to digitize almost any asset. The issuance, circulation and redemption of DFA may be easier and more profitable than on the markets for traditional financial instruments.

In 2022, Russia's first DFA for palladium and a number of other innovative products were launched on the Atomyze platform. Currently, Atomyze Russia is the absolute market leader in terms of the volume of digital financials assets (DFA) issued. To date, the platform hosted 12 DFA placements out of 19 held in Russia. The total volume of issues at Atomyze is about 1.1 billion rubles.

The mission of Atomyze is to open up new opportunities for the digital economy, generate new revenue drivers, increase the efficiency of business processes and improve customer experience.

Ekaterina Frolovicheva
Address: 123112, Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 12, building 2/59